Signal Flow of the GSP1101

The effects that come after the loop returns are mono effects with stereo dry summed into their outputs
Some effects create a second output to make "stereo" image, e.g. a ping pong delay
The left and right inputs are summed before entering the effect, except in one case
If the output level on one channel is set to 0 then the same channel's input is set to 0
This is not a level control but a simple switch.
This was done so that none of the channel will enter then exit the effect then be added to both channels
Without this switch you can't keep the left channel from being mixed into the left and right outputs
This allows you to keep the left and right channels separate if you choose to

For example: The external amp could enter on the left loop then enter the modulation
effect and the GSP1101's internal amp could enter on the right channel then to the delay
and then both be mixed into the reverb

The pitch effects (Whammy, Pitch, Detune, Harmony) are a little different
Some users requested the ability to pan the shifted and dry note all to one channel
The original level control for the pitch effects were a little different for each one
I decided to make them all the same which is shown below in the diagram
One control parameter for both the overall wet and dry levels
and two controls for the panning, one for the wet and one for the dry

It's a little confusing but it allows any combination of levels and panning


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