As usual this version has not been fully tested

Fixed LPF and input meter

Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 beta version C61
* You can't use the old cabinet downloader with vC56-vC61
* Use this cabinet downloader with vC59-vC61
* The stereo IR is fixed in this cabinet downloader 10/5/10

WAH has a new parameter that allows you to link an external CC to the WAH pedal
and auto-engage the WAH on/off (also disengages the pedal CC to any other parameters)
There is now a new parameter to select if the auto-engage toggles the wah on/off
or the wah is turned on/off on a range of the CC controled pedal

The WHAMMY now has the same two parameters as the WAH
The threshold parameter determines where the effect toggles on/off
or the begining CC value where the effect will turn on/off

A threshold value of 127 and the toggle parameter set to 'on' will disable this feature

vC51 - vC61 have a global option (in the main menu) called 'RESET LVLS ON RESTORE'
If you change this option to "YES" before you do a X-Edit restore from version C48
then your levels will be fixed or at least set to normal.
It also fixes the dry levels of the mod effects.
After the restore is done or you restart your unit this option is reset to "NO"

The GSP1101 will now switch to the cabinet that you download to. (really this time)

  Warning! If you interrupt the storing process of a user cabinet you will have to
  do a factory reset and you will lose your user presets. I suggest that you backup your user presets
  before storing user cabinets

Here is the zip file for the Windows X-Edit beta version for GSP1101 vC57-vC61

Here is the release notes for vC55
Here is the release notes for vC36
Here is the release notes for vC25

GSP1101's signal flow diagram  Updated on 9/8/10

You can download impulse responses for use as modeled cabinets to your GSP1101
The app has been updated to include stereo IRs   last update 10/5/10
Here is the Windows app JUserCabUpdater vC59-vC61

You can create a startup screen bitmap and download it to customize your GSP1101
Here is the zipped folder, see the Readme.txt file in the folder

The pan controls on some of the modulation, delay and reverb modules have been replaced with output level controls.
This was needed to be able to create two completely separate signal paths (left and right).

Version C61

2.0 C61 fixed LPF when external loop is enabled/bypassed
fixed LPF when saving a preset with X-Edit (X-Edit didn't change)
fixed input meter when displayed in dB

Version C60

2.0 C60 fix for LPF on cabinets (XLR only)
Control2's preset switches can now: enter bypass, bounce, re-load
Control2's link switches can now send MIDI program changes (instead of sending a CC)
input meter is now selectable: off, linear, dB
fixed LPF when exiting bypass or tuner

Version C59

2.0 C59 sends tap tempo CC to USB MIDI (if incoming CC is used for tap tempo)
   updated wah's CC toggle display
   user cabs default the LPF off
   effect on/off parameters are now a toggle, a press and hold will enter the linking menu
   fixed input meter

Version C58

2.0 C58 fixed detune's default wet/dry and it's display
   fixed global user cabinet display
   fixed synthtalk's balance display
   factory reset (including after an update) doesn't erase your user cabinets
   fixed loading an old preset with an acoustic amp using X-Edit

Version C57

2.0 C57 added another param in wah to control how the auto engage works
   added two params to whammy to allow auto-engage like in the wah
   the wah and whammy auto-engage toggle option now also works on the toe-up position
   updated balance type param displays
   updated X-Edit to handle the new params

Previos release
Here is the version notes and updater for the GSP1101 beta version C60

X-Edit beta versions and news

DigiTech version release
Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 version 2.0
You can also get this from