As usual this version has not been fully tested

Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 beta version C58
* You can't use the old cabinet downloader with vC56-vC58
* Use this cabinet downloader with vC56-vC58
* The stereo IR is fixed in this cabinet downloader 10/5/10

WAH has a new parameter that allows you to link an external CC to the WAH pedal
and auto-engage the WAH on/off (also disengages the pedal CC to any other parameters)
There is now a new parameter to select if the auto-engage toggles the wah on/off
or the wah is turned on/off on a range of the CC controled pedal

The WHAMMY now has the same two parameters as the WAH
The threshold parameter determines where the effect toggles on/off
or the begining CC value where the effect will turn on/off

A threshold value of 127 and the toggle parameter set to 'on' will disable this feature

vC51 - vC58 have a global option (in the main menu) called 'RESET LVLS ON RESTORE'
If you change this option to "YES" before you do a X-Edit restore from version C48
then your levels will be fixed or at least set to normal.
It also fixes the dry levels of the mod effects.
After the restore is done or you restart your unit this option is reset to "NO"

The GSP1101 will now switch to the cabinet that you download to. (really this time)

  Warning! If you interrupt the storing process of a user cabinet you will have to
  do a factory reset and you will lose your user presets. I suggest that you backup your user presets
  before storing user cabinets

Here is the zip file for the Windows X-Edit beta version for GSP1101 vC57-vC58

Here is the release notes for vC55
Here is the release notes for vC36
Here is the release notes for vC25

GSP1101's signal flow diagram  Updated on 9/8/10

You can download impulse responses for use as modeled cabinets to your GSP1101
The app has been updated to include stereo IRs   last update 10/5/10
Here is the Windows app JUserCabUpdater vC56-vC58

You can create a startup screen bitmap and download it to customize your GSP1101
Here is the zipped folder, see the Readme.txt file in the folder

The pan controls on some of the modulation, delay and reverb modules have been replaced with output level controls.
This was needed to be able to create two completely separate signal paths (left and right).

Version C58

2.0 C58 fixed detune's default wet/dry and it's display
   fixed global user cabinet display
   fixed synthtalk's balance display
   factory reset (including after an update) doesn't erase your user cabinets
   fixed loading an old preset with an acoustic amp using X-Edit

Version C57

2.0 C57 added another param in wah to control how the auto engage works
   added two params to whammy to allow auto-engage like in the wah
   the wah and whammy auto-engage toggle option now also works on the toe-up position
   updated balance type param displays
   updated X-Edit to handle the new params

Version C56

2.0 C56   added global option to route CCs and Program changes to USB MIDI
     added param in WAH menu to auto engage wah (i.e. turn wah on/off)
     when wah pedal's CC value is greater than it's threshold
     changed seamless hold and ramp times to include 0ms
     fixed X-Edit to work with assignment links to 'loop send level'
     fixed XLR (and QTR in wizard 3) post effect outputs when acoustic amp model is selected
     added user cabinet names and a cabinet mono/left mode
     when downloading a user cabinet it actually switches to the user cabinet

Version C55

2.0 C55 fix for restoring global params "bounce between banks" and "control2 swapped rows"
fixed MIDI output program map to work with the control2 and X-Edit (was only working from the front panel)

Version C54

2.0 C54 fixed post module levels and pitch effect wet/dry mix (was a serious bug with the levels)
the pan type parameters are now displayed better (2 bars instead of just one)
the title (top line) of post module menus now display the name of the current type of module

Version C53

2.0 C53 fixed X-Edit to save/load presets

Version C52

2.0 C52 added global param to allow the control2 to bounce between presets on different banks (in foot controller's menu)
moved the tuner volume disable volume update global param to the foot controller's menu
control2 bank scrolling is better
added global parameters "bounce between banks" and "control2 swapped rows" into bulk dumps
fixed global user cabs to work with X-Edit
the gsp1101 will switch to the user cab that is last downloaded
the 'Loop Control' parameter is now: 'Stereo', 'Left', 'Right', 'Sum'
if you select 'Sum' and set the loop input levels to 50 for both left and right
then the inputs are summed together and may produce a 3dB increase in s/n
new X-Edit and user cabinet downloader

Version C51

2.0 C51 changed text from 'RESET LVLS ON BACKUP' to 'RESET LVLS ON RESTORE'
fixed pitch effect's post dry level for restore (with 'RESET LVLS ON RESTORE' is on)
added 'LPF to XLR' default when changing cabs
fixed user cab right output (was outputing the left channel on the right channel)
'LPF to XLR' is now disabled when the cabinet is bypassed
post compressor's inputs are now summed
added 6dB to the makeup gain of the compressors
note to users: don't use acoustic amp if loop select = 'int - ext' and the ext amp is mixed with the internal amp

Version C50

2.0 C50

delay times now have the option of displaying in BPM
Display the bank name on the front panel
replaced Whammy/IPS with the latest DSP version
downloadable cabs are ready, 128 taps per left/right
updated x-edit for BPM display and user cabs
fixed extra gain when using the stompbox as a 3 band eq
increased gain for post fx envelope filter
fix for ips scales major and harmonic minor
whammy/ips pan controls now pan wet and dry, mix control is changed to crossover
Don't use tuner's pedal position after exiting the tuner (global option)
Switch back and forth to preset 99 when bypass is pressed (global option)
latest hardwire tuner is in
input meter follows ng/whammy detector, see wizard 5
new byp bounce locks out tuner entry while in preset 99 (defaults to normal bypass while X-Edit is running)
MIDI preset output map is in 'MIDI/CONTROLLERS' menu (X-Edit bulk dumps recognize this map but there is no menu/display for it)
fixed bulk dump for new global params: tuner vol upd, input meter, bypass bounce
fixed XLR outputs: post volume did not work when direct cabinet was selected, also fixed XLR user cabs
changed mod, dly, rvb's output controls from pans to levels
and added input levels which are set to 0 when the output level is 0
changed pitch effects level control to be a wet/dry crossover mix
changed the defaults for left controls when receiving older versions of bulk dumps
fixed pitch effects parameters for gui effect's defaults and user defaults
added new parameter to the amp menu for enabling/disabling the low pass filter
added global option to force post amp levels to 99 during a GUI preset load or bulk dump
new user cab downloader app, fixes 'cancel' bug
new X-Edit for cabinet enabling/disabling of the low pass filter
the reset of post levels during bulk and preset dumps now turns off after a bulk dump (does not turn off after a preset dump)
added 100ms delay after the 127 is sent but before the 0 is sent in "RCV CC on/off" mode and not merging and only for CC tap tempo
tweaked input meter: top of display is -3dB, at -1dB a little tick mark is made next to the top row
fixed user cab download app to accept stereo IR files and extra 'PAD ' etc. chunks
added default for new param 'enable LPF to XLR' for bulk restores

To use the cabinet downloader:

  1) download and run the app (link is above)
  2) connect USB
  3) click next until you see the gain/position screen
  4) enter the gain you want, more negative decreases overall cabinet gain
  5) enter the position you want the cabinet to go into (1 to 10)
     If you are auditioning the cabinet then the position doesn't matter
  6) select 'permanent' if you want to keep the cabinet else it will only be temporary
     making a cabinet permanent takes a unit restart
     you can download several cabs at once then set the 'permanent' box once on the last download
  7) click next and wait for it to finish downloading
  8) you can now download another cab without relaunching the app
  9) you may want to try the parameter to enable/disable a low pass filter (xlr only unless wizard 3) in the amp module menu

  Warning! If you interrupt the storing process of a user cabinet you will have to
  do a factory reset and you will lose your user presets. I suggest that you backup your user presets
  before storing user cabinets

Version C48

2.0 C48
fixed synthtalk's default left/right levels
fixed memory coruption when naming a bank
took out limit for the USB playback mix
loop send (distortion or amp) always sends distortion if the loop type is not FX LOOP

Version C47

2.0 C47 fix for x-edit "ASSIGN MAX" error message, 4/17/09

Previos release
Here is the version notes and updater for the GSP1101 beta version C57

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DigiTech version release
Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 version 2.0
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