As usual this version has not been fully tested

Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 beta version C45

Here is the zip file for the Windows X-Edit beta version for GSP1101 vC45

Here is the release notes (not updated to vC45)

You can create a startup screen bitmap and download it to customize your GSP1101
Here is the zipped folder, see the Readme.txt file in the folder

You no longer have to re-link your Control2 stompbox foot switch when you send a CC with it,
there is now an option to enable/disable the CC to go back into the GSP1101

The pan controls on some of the cho/fx modules have been replaced with level controls. This was needed
so we can pan or control the wet levels instead of both wet and dry together. The DM2 delay was also
updated for this reason.

Known bugs : none

Version C45

fix for internally routed CCs when the GUI is connected
fixed all other controls when exiting the bank naming menu
fix for keeping Control2 foot switch LED in sync when CC routing is NOT internal
new mod default wet levels
fix for x-edit downloading a preset with stompbox PEQ level - not set to 0 anymore
dealy tempo division is now linkable on the unit and not just with x-edit
If toe sw is a CC and routed internal then don't link wah to FC PDL1
fixed: noise gate's attenuation position was not being updated when the loop type was changed
fixed loop mixer - note: the mixer is not active if loop type is set to "EXTERNAL PREAMP ONLY"
added foot controler option to swap rows - only works in 5 patch mode
now works with 64 bit Windows
modulation and delay level names are fixed in link param list
loading presets from a file stored with x-edit on v2.0 now works

Version C44

took link between Control2's 2nd pedal and pre-volume out of all the presets
fix for delay times when time division is not 1/4 and global tap tempo is used and you are switching between presets

Version C43

sped up pedals and CCs
made whammy pedal a little smoother
delay's BPM display is now based on quarter notes also Control2's tap LED blinks to quarter notes
when toe sw sends a CC it now turns the LED on when the toe sw is engaged
fixed FS300 to work with tuner
factory default for sending Control2's foot switch CCs internally is now set to NO
changed labeling of the loop return and loop insert levels
fixed dm2 delay pans - they are now levels (for this delay only)
fixed cho/fx pans - now some effects are a left/right wet level (some are wet+dry level)
the wet+dry levels are for FX: Boss CE-2 Chorus, MXR Flanger, Electro Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress, TC Electronic SCF 04 Chorus
cleaned up menus - added all dry levels when they are available
fixed unit to unit midi dump when source unit is an older version
added a new global parameter to control the XLR outputs independantly from the front panel knob

Previos release
Here is the version notes and updater for the GSP1101 beta version C44

X-Edit beta versions and news

DigiTech version release
Here is the Windows Updater for the GSP1101 version 2.0
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