As usual this version has not been fully tested

GNX4 vA141
Here is the GNX4's version A141 (Windows and MAC)

ramps begining and ending of a loop
fix for audio drop out when tapping in a delay amount
song repeat will loop as fast as the looper mode as long as there is no backing track and auto stop is on

GNX4 v1.4
Here is the GNX4's latest version (Windows and MAC)
Unzip the file
Hold the 'store' button down while powering on the GNX4
connect the USB to your computer and copy GNX4v14.upd (the downloaded file) to the drive "GNX4Upd"
then eject the same drive and wait for the update to finish.
For more details on updating procedures visit

DigiTech version release
Here is the Windows Updater for the GNX4's version 13 (Windows and MAC)
You can also get this from