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This is the first time I have ever done this (build a web site and release beta versions) and so
you should be aware that many things can go wrong, many things that are unforseeable.
If you decide to use one of the beta versions then I suggest that you do your own testing before using it for anything important (e.g. playing live)
The use of any of the versions available on this site is at the risk of the user.
DigiTech, Harman International or anyone associated with this Web Site is not responsible for any problems
arising from using the beta versions or any kind of loss due to the use of these beta versions
Please do not use the beta versions if you cannot risk the product not working properly
Please read all disclaimers on the web site, if you have any questions please use the forums
There is always a chance that your product becomes unusable, in that event you may have to send it to
a qualified service center. Anyone and everyone associated with this web site will not be held responsible
for an unuseable unit. If you download and/or use the beta versions then you agree to these conditions.

Any abuse arising from the use of this web site will result in the shutting down of this web site

If you would like to try a beta version (like gsp1101 vC25) then click on the link below and download and run the updater
You can go back to the official release version by running the v2.0 updater which is also available here
Remember that you risk the loss of data, presets, etc. and you also risk not being able
to update back to your original version (I try to test going back and forth but it's always possible that
I miss something)

GSP1101 beta
These versions (starting with c25) is not compatible with the official X-Edit application.
There is a version of X-Edit available here that is compatible with vC25, however, it is also a beta
version and you also have the same risks using it.