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GSP1101 vC63 is the latest version get it here
(you must use the new cabinet downloader (vC59) if you want to use user cabinets)
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A forum user posted this helpful message:

Please don't send comments or complaints to DigiTech.
DigiTech does not support this web site or it's content including
the beta versions posted.
These beta versions are posted here to help users of DigiTech products.
These beta versions are supported by DigiTech employees in order to improve
the products that we have worked on.
We simply want DigiTech customers to be as satisfied as possible.
We take pride in our products and try and do our best, however,
we can only do so much to support these beta versions. We can't be expected
to fix everything on every product or add every feature requested.
Keep in mind that it is impossible to support a product indefinitly,
eventually support is discontinued for any given product.

DigiTech has expressed some concern about the beta versions.
In order to justify these to DigiTech (besides the obvious)
I would like everyone who uses a beta version to try and post
any bugs found as well as comments on what they think of the
features, user interface, etc.

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A note about updating:
Make sure you update completely with one version before attempting
to update to another version.
For example, if you are updating to version vC45 and it gets interrupted and you have to stop the update before it
finishs then when you restart the download you should select vC45 and not some other version.
An update may be interrupted due to a power fault or unplugging the USB cable or turning off
the computer or turning off your unit. In any case when you restart the update you should download
the same version you started to download, i.e. if you started to download vC45 then you should resume with vC45.

One more note: When the update reachs near it's end your unit's display will change (usually to twirling segments).
This is because when this part of the download is downloading the normal display routines are not available.
This is not an error, it was by design. If you interrupt the download at this time and restart then the
download will begin at this point (with the funny display) and not at the very begining,
this is also normal and by design.

Latest GSP1101 beta version, users should go here for updates and news
New vC48 release notes are now available, thanks JEC!

RP 155,255,355, RP500, RP1000 users should go here for updates and news
latest versions are: RP155vB38, RP255vB38, RP355vA60, RP500vB05, RP1000vB96 (also beta X-Edit 5/1/09)

RP 150,250,350 users should go here for updates and news
latest RP versions are: RP150v16, RP250vD34, RP350vC39 (also beta X-Edit 4/16/09)

GNX4 users should go here for updates and news
latest GNX4 version is A141, fixs looper click, song repeat delay, delay tapit audio drop out

X-Edit beta versions and news

MIDI SYSX and other documents, last update: 4/17/09

Why did I make this web site?

As you can see from this web page, I am not a web designer (not yet) :P

More info

The GSP1101's current release is v2.0
The next version, v2.1, is not ready to release and may never be released, no one really knows.

The beta versions like C25 are between v2.0 and v2.1

If you would like to try a beta version (like gsp1101 vC25) then click on the link and download and run the updater
You can go back to the official release version by running the v2.0 updater which is also available here
Remember that you risk the loss of data, presets, etc. and you also risk not being able
to update back to your original version (I try to test it going back and forth but it's always possible that
I miss something)

GNX3000 versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2
Here is the GNX3000 updater (Windows only)
Here is the GNX3000 version 1.0 updater file
Unzip the file and execute Gnx3000Upd.exe, you will have to select your MIDI port and the file to update with.
For more details on updating procedures visit
To force the unit into the update mode press the "bank down" foot switch while powering on.

Gnx3000 release notes since v1.0
fix midi loop back bug for tech test
fixed power on with usb plugged in and the usb mix parameter
tweaked uart xmt
the 3200 (USB) code is back to vers 1.0
the asio/wdm 3200 code is updated
minor usb fix
power on factory reset fixed (had dbg code in it)
fixed X-Edit "receive preset index" function
modified usb descriptors
more usb descriptor debugging
USB MIDI tweaks fixed usb name lengths wdm mode has 24 bit enabled fixed usb device names in both wdm and asio modes fixed bug when powering up with preset 10 this also failed by setting the compressor's ratio to 1.2-1 then changing the PreMod type (i.e. whammy), the whammy type would always set the compressor's ratio to infinite (sound only) fixed X-Edit copy/paste bug swapped MIDI ports so that ProTracks in Vista will pick the correct MIDI port this is still a problem because XP needs a new installer to name the MIDI ports both USB MIDI ports talk to the hardware MIDI port this works but X-Edit sysx messages go to the hw. MIDI port v1.1 released fixed receiving MIDI drum notes during startup USB MIDI and X-Edit work better together tweak to MIDI v1.2 released, NetUpdater tweak

Older news

There is a bug when using X-Edit that can cause serious problems.
This bug is in every product since the RP250.
Manually switching to another preset after dragging a user preset to a new location
using X-Edit. The new preset may be unstable.


beta - a version of software or hardware that is not complete or fully tested
it may have many bugs, problems and missing features
DSP - digital signal processor, these chips do all of the audio signal processing, e.g. a delay effect
user interface - knobs, encoders, buttons, switches, MIDI, etc.
CPU - central processing unit, this connects the user interface to the DSP